Hi Vis for ‘gloomy weather’ riding

As the evenings draw in, it’s not always easy for drivers to see you! Horses tend to ‘blend’ into their surroundings and when the weather’s a bit gloomier … So when hacking out, please don’t forget the importance of your hi vis

We have some great hi vis jackets, waistcoats, gilets and harnesses for you, and some equally good hi vis for your horse (and some for your dogs too!). They’re stylish, easy-to-wear and, most importantly, make certain that you can easily be seen.

Please don’t ignore the importance of wearing hi vis when you ride out – it could save your, and your horse’s, life and/or avoid injuries.

  • Great variety of styles
  • Great choice of hi vis colours
  • Adjustable options
  • Adults’ and Children’s sizes

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