MacWet CLIMATEC Equestrian Gloves



The MacWet strapline is ‘All Grip, No Slip’ and our experience with this high performance gloves confirms this to be true. These are the most comfortable, high-performance gloves we have ever worn; a sentiment shared with National Hunt Champion, A P McCoy, and event rider, Polly Stockton …. not that we’d ever dare to put ourselves in their league.

Used to wearing every-day riding gloves, the Cavaletti team approached these with some trepidation … after all, they’re not exactly cheap but one ride later and we were all complete converts and now nothing else will do, no matter whether we’re competing, schooling or simply hacking out. The MacWet has become part of our essential riding wear.

  • Why? The fit and feel is totally different for a start. The skin-tight fit (though not in the least uncomfortable) gave total sensitivity through the reins and also allowed us to adjust tack without the fag of having to remove them. Within minutes, we’d forgotten we were wearing gloves and it stayed that way throughout our whole ride: they are that good.
  • Totally breathable material, so no getting hot, sweaty hands half way through your ride/lesson
  • Brilliant in wet weather (maximum grip maintained even in the worst downpour) and fast-drying
  • They’re even machine washable at 40C

Don’t just take our word, here’s what A P McCoy said: “I really must say that this is definitely the best material, the best glove I have worn. It’s very impressive indeed. Such a natural feel It doesn’t feel as though you’re wearing them. I have worn them in all conditions, including the Grand National and the gloves have performed every time. The MacWet gloves really are sensational and revolutionary.”

Size Guide: For your correct size, measure in centimeters the palm of your hand across the fleshy bit at the base of the four fingers (see the photo). The centimeters equate to your correct gloves size. As a general guide; a size 7.0 is usually considered a ladies’ Medium and a size 8.0 a man’s Medium.

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