Mountain Horse Mountain Rider Classic Short Boots



Riders who have and wear these fabulous unisex Mountain Horse short boots, simply swear by them for their comfort and durability.

Currently under £100 – a really good buy.

The MR Classic has style, shape and design and it’s classified as water resistant (rather than waterproof). This doesn’t mean your feet will get wet if you’re walking across a dewy field first thing in the morning; what it means is that you can’t stand in a bucket of water and expect your feet to stay dry. Why you would want to stand in a … but that’s another issue!

It is an ergonomically designed riding and yard boot, with:

  • padding around the ankle to protect against chaffing
  • a soft lining
  • a heel fitted with shock-absorbing system
  • a built in steel shank for rigidity and stability when walking or riding.

The SCS3 system is incorporated in the outer sole, so the boot can be used with or without the MH SCS 3 stirrups.

Great boots, great styling, great value.

Black or Brown – sizes from a 3 up to a size 12 – please note MH size their boots in the continental sizes.

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